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This Is The Move That Never Ends, Yes It Goes On and On . . .

July 25, 2013

970627_t607At the ripe old age of 31, I have moved many times in my life. Some have been short moves; some have been long moves. Some have been “sweet Jesus, how are we supposed to get over there?!?!” moves. At this point in time, you would think that I would have this moving this down to a science. Here is a brief history of my move:

  • 1982 – I moved from my mother’s womb into a small two-bedroom house in Evansville, IN with my parents. I didn’t have much to pack at that point. My only luggage, a placenta, was taken away from me immediately upon vacating my studio apartment in the womb.
  • 1984 – We move from Evansville, IN to a small house in Bridgeport, IL. Again, at 2, I don’t help a lot. Bridgeport has one stop light and possibly one horse.
  • 1988 – We move from Bridgeport, IL to the thriving metropolis of Cottage Hill, IL, a suburb of St. Louis. A little more involved in the process, but still not much to move.
  • 1989 – My first big move, we make the journey from Cottage Hill, IL to the historic city of Mobile, AL. My life is forever changed, as I become a Southerner for the formative years of my life.
  • 1993 – We move from our apartment in Mobile to a new house. This is my first “cross-town” move, but again, I was too young to pick up many lessons from the journey.
  • 2000 – This is the first move that is really all about me, as I move from my house in Mobile, AL to my first dorm room in Montevallo, AL. This is the first time I move furniture all by myself (albeit, it was a couch I was helping another friend from High School going to the same college as me move to her dorm room).
  • 2000 – 2004 – There are at least three dorm room moves during college, but considering my “furniture” was never more than one huge couch and about 8 boxes, I can never claim it was that taxing.
  • 2004 – This is my first truly big move on my own, as I rent a U-Haul trailer to pull behind my truck as I make the move from Montevallo, AL to Fishers, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis, for my first job out of college. I handle this move like a boss.
  • 2006 – I make the move from my apartment in Fishers, IN to my new apartment in downtown Indianapolis, IN after exchanging these things called “wedding vows” with Hol.
  • 2009 – After Hol decided on residency in Cincinnati, OH, we make what is truly the first back-breaking move of my life, as we have to get all of our apartments worth of furniture to the new home we bought in Cincinnati. This is the first time I had to rent a full moving truck, though I didn’t have to drive it since my father-in-law was available.
  • 2012 – This is the move, chronicled on this blog last year, from our home in Cincinnati, OH to our new apartment, almost 2000 miles away in Cupertino, CA. Trying to get all of our stuff out of that house in about 72 hours was the first time I realized just how much work moving could be, especially if not organized.

So after our last moving experience, you’d think I’d have been ready this year, right? Having made the decision, scouting locations for weeks, and then finally finding a new rental home in the area approx 15 minutes from our apartment, you’d think I’d have planned the move down to the last detail, right?

Wrong. So wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Our move out date from our Apartment was July 11th. On June 28th, we began our earnest effort to begin boxing things up. “We can take our time”, we said. “We can move a couple of boxes a day”, I smiled stupidly. By July 6th, I realized the leisurely pace I had set for us wasn’t going to work. Couple this with the fact that I hadn’t rented a truck, but had made the decision to just make the move using my brother-in-laws Ram Nitro, and I quickly realized that I’d made a horrible mistake.

From July 6th – July 10th, I spent every night at the old apartment boxing things up and moving boxes and furniture to the new house. By July 11th, I was frantically trying to get the last few straggling pieces of our life out of our apartment and Cupertino and trying my best to clean the place up. At that point, when then apartment company did a final walk-through of our place, I had averaged three hours of sleep a night for the past six days. Thus, I was a little grumpy when the inspector informed me that we were likely going to have to pay for the carpet to be replaced, based on a few spots caused by our recently deceased Golden Retriever, Karley, as she lost control of her stomach more often. No deposit back? Oh, cool story, bro. I hate money, anyways.

After all that, we still weren’t even done. On July 12th, I realized that what we had now at our new place was currently just a garage slammed full of boxes. At times, I couldn’t even walk through it to get to the washing machine. Thus, the “move” continued even after we were officially “moved”. There are still boxes in the garage, staring at me, taunting me, laughing at me. Screw you, boxes. All of you.

In the end, though, it was worth it. Our new home in Mountain View, CA feels in many ways like we’ve finally regained some of what we lost after leaving downtown Indianapolis. We are right downtown, and so we can once again walk to everything we could want: shops, restaurants, theater, grocery, parks, etc. Living in a walk-able, livable neighborhood is all we ever really wanted, and so in many ways, I’ve already fallen in love with the new place. Oh, and we shaved several hundred dollars off of our rent, so, win-win!

The Measure Of A Man

In a young boys life, there are many people who will influence him. They can be men and women, but often times, men will make some of the biggest impressions. There is usually no bigger role model than a boy’s father. After his father, though, there could be any number of men who will play a role. Who will provide an example, who will teach additional lessons, and who will guide and influence that boy.

For me, one of those men was Pete Poulos. When I was a kid, I was in an organization called Royal Rangers (think Boy Scouts, but with more Jesus). From the age of about 7 until about 13, I was spending a lot of my free time learning about the symbolism of the Ranger emblem, about surviving in the outdoors, about this history of frontiersman (especially after I was accepted into the elite Frontiersman Camping Fellowship). For the majority of that time, Pete Poulos was one of my commanders.

I’ll readily admit, like most young boys, I probably didn’t know a lot about Pete’s personal life. What I did know is that Pete was a stern yet caring man. I knew he cared about me and wanted to help me. I knew he wanted to see me be honest, hard-working, and wanted to see me achieve everything to the best of my ability. Those things were important to him, and so they were important to me as well. I knew he was strong as an ox, despite his smaller stature (he couldn’t have been more than 5’5, but he could take a punch in the stomach from a man twice his height). He was proud of his heritage (Greek) and his adopted heritage (Native American). I knew he loved his wife and his family, and that those were things to be cherished as well.

Over the weekend, Pete Poulos passed away. Because of my infrequent trips home, I hadn’t seen him much in recent years. When I had gone home, though, he made sure to tell me he was proud of the man I’d become. You paid a role in that, Commander Pete. Enjoy your well-earned peace with the Lord. I can only hope to leave a legacy behind like you have, one day.

Thoughts at the Closing Bell:

  • The In-laws are in town, which means we become tourists in our own city again, which is nice since we don’t actually do that on our own. We took them down to Ano Nuevos State Reserve¬†over the weekend, and today we’re taking them up to Muir Woods.
  • The Tigers are on fire right now . . . but Miguel Cabrera is currently out with a sore hip. Let’s all take a moment to send him good vibes and healing power.
  • Speaking of baseball, Braves pitcher Tim Hudson had his ankle broken last night. The warning – the video might make your retch a little bit.
  • Still trying to use cords to hook up your computer to your TV for Netflix? Still thinking of paying $100 for Apple TV or some other device? Chromecast is calling, and it’s changing the game for only $35.

That’s all for now, kids. One love to you all.

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  1. Patrick permalink
    July 25, 2013 12:52 pm

    “My only luggage, a placenta, was taken away from me immediately upon vacating my studio apartment in the womb.”
    Quote of the week by Mr. Heaton!

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